Did You Leave those coins on the table?

Congress just passed two large bills to help small business owners; the 1st for 350 BILLION DOLLARS and EIDL loans (Economic injury disater loan) and PPP (Paycheck Protection Program). I know several business owners that did qualify and were approved for $80,000, $125,000, $250,000.00; we all saw and heard big brand businesses walk away with $10 Million and $20 million dollars. Did your business qualify? Were you able to apply and get approved? Many small businesses missed out on this money simply because their foundation was not set up properly or not set up at all! Even if you did not qualify for these programs its not too late to lay the ground foundation and set your business up. Setting up a legal business entity can be super simple and easy but sometimes people dont understand, they get stuck and get discouraged. I’m not saying that you can’t make money without this foundation because you can but what I’m saying is when it counts and when you need it, you will not be ready! You are operating a business so act like it! Stay Ready so you dont have to Get Ready because by the time you get ready the opportunity may be gone.